Introduction to research department

To you, who are interested in research at our school

 At our Public Health Graduate School, more than two hundred people have completed their doctorate degree in medicine when being graduate or research students, and they are flourishing at every field on preventive medicine. You can conduct a research as graduate students, research students or researchers. The people from any fields except medicine are honorably welcome as well. We have prepared your entrance with following qualifications, if not please contact us. Please see the website of Osaka University about requirement, qualification and period of application.

Master's course, application deadline in July yearly

  1. Graduates or future graduates from college/university except in medicine
  2. Applicants who are allowed to have equivalent or more academic achievement for graduates, negotiable

Doctor's course, application deadline in late August and December yearly

  1. Graduates or future graduates in six-year medicine, veterinary medicine or phar-macy
  2. Applicants who completed or will complete a master's course
  3. Medical doctors who completed the latter intern in other department
  4. Applicants who have a master's degree

Researchers, as needed


Research students, as needed

  1. Graduates in medicine from college/university
  2. Applicants who are allowed to have equivalent or more academic achievement for the above, negotiable

Special research students of graduates, as needed

Applicants who are enrolled in other graduate school, and want to take researching instruction and research at our school

To all medical students

"Medical doctors must contribute to improvement and increase of public health with engaging in medical care and health direction, and then must secure healthy life of the people." Article 1 of the Medical Practitioners Act says.

For you, enrolled in medicine, however, you do not know at all what Public Health is or have only a vague sense even though you are interested in public health or preventive medicine.

Our Public Health Graduate School of Medicine Osaka University works for practicing and evaluating public health. That is to practice and evaluate organized activities for increasing health of the people in society, decreasing load of diseases, bridging a gap in health levels and coping with the threat against health in areas, countries and on the globe.

Then, we are working for protecting health of the people in society through preventive medicine. Health problems across prevention, medical care and welfare include a prob-lem not to be solved by only medical care in hospital, against which the study measures organizationally and comprehensively. In order that you may see how it is and what it can do, it should be most important to have experience of public health activities in the field, like "a picture is worth a thousand words". As short-time experience, the students have training of optional-compulsory basic assignment during the second semester in their third year and basic assignment during the first semester in their forth year at Medicine Osaka University.

They can learn public health and epidemiology to be foundations of preventive medicine in the third year, and advance public health and preventive medicine in the forth year, that brings experience of public health activities in the field. These knowledge and ex-perience help them to find their own career or aptitude of the future, and will perform as valuable ones even which way they take preventive or clinical medicine. Medical students having an interest in preventive medicine are pleased to contact the below, while you can also join in other seminars of our school. We would like you to feel the world of public health and preventive medicine in your bones, even only a piece, and use as a clue to success as a medical doctor in the future.

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