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1. The University of Minnesota

The University of Minnesota

We are going forward with researches about new risk factors in the fibrinolytic system of blood coagulation and differences in genetic factors additionally with dif-ferences in serum lipid, blood pressure and smoking condition, finding the back-ground why Japanese people suffer from stroke more and myocardial infarction less than Americans. The joint research on practice and evaluation of preventive measures against car-diovascular diseases in the areas is advanced, with thinking of the cultural differ-ences between Japan and the United States.

2. Harvard University

Harvard University

We are researching in the linkage between nutritional intake and cardiovascular diseases, especially stroke's onset, based on Nurses' Health Study at Harvard which is a follow-up study with 100 thousands of nurses in the States and follow-up studies with Japanese people. The joint research in the linkage between social-psychological factors, cardiovascular diseases, the other chronic illnesses and death is going ahead by Nurses' Health Study, Health Professional Study at Harvard which is a follow-up study with 60 thousands of dentists, veterinarians and pharmacists in the States and follow-up studies with Japanese people.

3. The University of Oxford

The University of Oxford

We participate in the world biggest meta-analysis of cohort study, follow-up research, about stroke's onset factors which saves data with approx. one million people. Be-cause of extraordinary numbers of people, it is possible to analyze the linkage strength between stroke's onset and existing risk factors which are blood pressure, smoking, alcohol intake and serum total cholesterol, in details separately up to sex, age and other risk factors.

4. The University of London

The University of London

We carry on researches into social epidemiology between social-psychological factors, health and health gap, and trend between development and death of cardiovascular diseases in Japanese people, compared with that of the United Kingdom.

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